Sometimes you want to know which students had a retest or a waived exam — maybe they aren’t eligible for any awards. Sometimes you need to know who hasn’t taken an exam — maybe you need to determine how big a classroom you need for the remaining students. Sometimes you are interested in students that failed a particular exam — maybe they need to be enrolled in follow-up training. This happens frequently when students need to speak a second language to do their job and they can test out during initial training or go to follow on training if they don’t qualify.

This week’s highlighted feature will help you get to those answers very quickly. We’ve added filters to identify students by passed, passed without a retest, failed, retested, waived and not taken exams. You can enter a single exam or multiple exams.

filter for student list that shows not taken exams for written report writing

New filters on the Class Student List will help you find the answers you need about students more quickly.

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