Feature change highlights changing business processes

Picture of the Add Student Registration page with gender not marked as required.

As training practices change, Agile software development allows the Acadis application to change with them.

Today’s highlighted feature is a reflection of the changing times.  It used to be that gender was required on class registrations.

Physical observed tests (how many sit ups can a student do in 2 minutes or how fast they can run a mile) had scores that were dependent on gender.  Now, much of the scoring on physical tests is generic.  Can this person drag a 50 pound dummy 100 yards?  If so, they are capable of doing the job and pass.

Also, gender was required on registration because people came to classes at the Academy and were housed overnight.  Gender was needed to assign rooms appropriately.  These days, training is more distributed and is often online instead of in the classroom.

As a result, the application which was built to facilitate these activities needed to change.  The highlighted feature is to not require gender at registration time.  It includes changes to imports to also not require it there and changes to all reports that display gender (like our EEOC departure reports) so that unspecified gender doesn’t skew the statistics.

You can see this and some other great features at our User Group Feature Demonstration.

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