Exciting News from IADLEST 2016 Conference

The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) 2016 Conference came to a close June 8, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan with attendees and exhibitors from across the nation and world. The annual conference saw around 300 attendees come together to participate in valuable discussions in law enforcement standards, leadership, and technology designed to benefit the public safety profession.

This year’s keynote speakers were Matthew Tomasic and Octavo “Chato” Villalobos from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Tomasic and Villalobos spoke on the topic of community policing. Their panel event, “Community Building: Going beyond basic academy training,” was delivered to an audience to kick off the conference.

Alex Ford, CEO of Praetorian Digital, gave a presentation on the history of Praetorian and PoliceOne, their law enforcement news resource. A leader in law enforcement training, Praetorian Digital’s PoliceOne Academy delivers online training to local and state organizations across the county.

At the conclusion of the keynote address, Ford also announced a new collaboration between Praetorian Digital and Envisage Technologies that will enable increased transparency and legal defensibility of law enforcement training. The collaboration will allow PoliceOne Academy to report the training records of nearly 1,000 law enforcement organizations in 17 states to Envisage’s Acadis software. At present, many departments enter training records into multiple systems; this new collaboration will streamline the process, making training management easier and more efficient.

Praetorian Digital will be using Envisage’s network for first responders, FirstForward, to report the training records; in addition, Praetorian will also test the delivery of select courses from PoliceOne Academy on the FirstForward training marketplace.

FirstForward currently hosts IADLEST’s National Certification Program (NCP), the new standard for law enforcement training. IADLEST presented on NCP at this year’s conference in a session called “The National Certification Program: Raising the bar for criminal justice training.”

Joe Wolf Joe Wolf, winner of the 2016 Training Innovation award, shows off his hardware.

Also announced at the IADLEST conference ceremony was this year’s Training Innovation Award winner, Joe Wolf of Innovative Reasoning. The Training Innovation Award recognizes a training provider who has participated in the NCP, and this year, Innovative Reasoning was recognized for being a standout in delivering quality training through the program. Dave Harvey, President of IADLEST, said regarding Wolf and Innovative Reasoning: “Joe and his team have excelled with their courses on critical decision-making and are providing training to make all of our officers better.” Innovative Reasoning currently has five NCP-certified courses.

The IADLEST 2017 Conference will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on May 21-24, 2017.

To view courses from Innovative Reasoning and other courses in the National Certification Program, visit https://www.firstforward.com/marketplace.

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