ENVISAGE Enhances the AcadisTM Readiness Suite with Instructor Portal

Bloomington, IN – July 24, 2007– ENVISAGE Technologies announced the release of the Acadis Instructor Portal, a significant efficiency tool for large training organizations required to manage instructor resources across a wide geography.

The Acadis Instructor Portal enables full- and part-time instructors to proactively manage their availability and access training schedules online via a secure portal framework. The new module solves the numerous, critical complexities of scheduling management, including the constant and last minute changes in instructor’s schedules that can negatively impact training organizations.

In turn, the Acadis Automated Scheduling module uses this instructor information to accurately reflect shortfalls and conflicts arising out of changes in instructor availabilities, as well as automatically resolving conflicts by showing available instructors for replacement.  Updated personal schedules can be quickly emailed to instructors to ensure that they are aware of when and where they are supposed to teach.

Utilizing the Acadis Instructor Management tools, an administrator can easily authorize instructors to teach various subjects based upon criteria such as their certification status, priority level, instructional division and availability.  Instructors can log onto the portal year round and provide their availability as it relates to the organization’s training calendar.

Acadis automatically assigns and load-balances the most appropriate instructors to teach any number of training events by taking into account variables such as workload, availability, affinity, authorization and priority.  This ensures that no instructor is over- or under-tasked and that each is properly assigned to teach the appropriate group of students.

“We experienced considerable challenges managing over 400 part-time instructors,” stated Cameron Campbell, Training Director at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).  “Trying to synchronize their schedules was a time-intensive and costly manual process.  Faxes and phone calls are both expensive and very inefficient as a mechanism to manage and update each instructor’s availability.  With the Acadis Instructor Portal we will be able to achieve an unprecedented improvement in the scheduling of our off-site instructors.

“This new technology will enable us to achieve more accurate schedules and optimize our instructor assignments.  We expect that the instructor portal, will significantly improve communication between instructors and scheduling staff while reducing costs and human error.”  Seamless integration is another key advantage cited by Lloyd Lowry, Information Services Director at DPSST.  “The instructors enter their availability, and this information is immediately available to academy employees using the Automated Scheduling module of Acadis.  All of this happens without any data transfers or extracts.  We also appreciate that once an instructor is assigned to teach a class, the schedule can only be changed by an ‘in-house’ employee. This level of integration is paramount to the successful application of technology to the academy scheduling process.”

“One of the more complex aspects of automated scheduling technology is the need for the software to have access to accurate, real-time information surrounding resource availabilities”, statedAri Vidali, CEO of ENVISAGE. “People, or in this case instructors, are the most dynamic regarding changes to their availability. Most training organizations do not have the manpower to constantly update each resource’s calendar.  The Acadis Instructor Portal gives training organizations a means to maintain accurate and timely availability thus making certain instructor shortfalls do not translate into critical scheduling conflicts.”

The Instructor Portal is the first of several new modules aimed at facilitating secure, remote access to the powerful functionality of the Acadis Readiness Suite.  Future releases will include features tailored for field offices/law enforcement agencies, students, and emergency managers.

About ENVISAGE Technologies

ENVISAGE is an industry visionary in organizational readiness, enterprise blended training management, and resource optimization.  The company has provided advanced technology to training organizations in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), U.S. Military, and state law enforcement and public safety training organizations.  Its solutions help organizations achieve Readiness by automating complex training logistics, storing complete and accurate training records, and maximizing the use of limited resources..  For more information, visit www.envisagenow.com.

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