Doing more with less

Training budgets are getting smaller.  Fewer training classes are offered during the year and filling every seat is an important part of making training dollars stretch.  The staff having to manage training enrollments have more tasks to accomplish with fewer people.  Life (and court testimony) happens, making cancellations and new enrollment an important task.  It is with these facts in mind that this week’s highlighted feature was developed.

configuration values for registrations with the new ability to cancel

This week we’ve added the ability to cancel a student’s registration from the portal.

This week, we demonstrated the ability to cancel a class from the portal by either the person taking the class or the training coordinator that signed them up.  This will allow trainees to communicate more quickly when they know they cannot make a class.  This will interact with the class registration to open up a seat and allow someone else to sign up for it.  The ability to cancel is configurable by class, so if you want to allow cancellations through the portal for one class and have another class’s cancellations by phone, you can do this.

If you want to see this feature or any of the others that were developed this week, please join our User Group Feature Demonstration.

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