More “Customer Love” Features Completed

Features planned for the v4.5.6 release include specific "Customer love" features

The Acadis release v4.5.6 is the last release of the year. After reviewing customer wish lists (Top 3), features were planned for a special year-end treat.

This week, additional “Customer Love Features” were completed. Several workforce portal users will be very happy. A new report was added that will allow training coordinators to determine what training each person received, without having to go to each person’s training record. The report has date parameters so if you need this past quarter, this past year, last year or any custom date, you’ll get just the information you need.

Customers that use the Learning Management System will be excited by the performance improvements when over 10,000 people are assigned to take a single course. (This happens surprisingly often as people take on-line training for security awareness or other organization-wide training.)

Scheduling customers who aren’t using auto-scheduling, will enjoy the new information about whether an instructor meets the rule criteria when manually resolving conflicts.

These features (and the features from last week) will be shown at the User Group Feature Demonstration. See you there!

2017-06-19T15:32:22+00:00 October 30th, 2012|Product News|