Certifications added to Accountable Property

It is nice when a feature you have been planning or working on, shows an immediate and practical application that you didn’t expect.

Last week, there was a news article that talked about the number of Indianapolis Metro police that were wearing body armor that had passed the manufacturer’s expiration date.  Tracking this information for all officers, in addition to other things that expire like OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Spray, can get difficult for a department.  It is awesome when our product makes it easier.

This week, we demonstrated certifications on accountable property.  Certifications allow departments to know when something is expiring or coming out of compliance.   Expiration dates can be set to a specific date or on a pattern.  And, this can be organized will all the other department’s inventory including firearms, vehicles and service animals — making it easy to keep everything in compliance.

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