Envisage Launches Premium Services Option to FirstForward® Training Network in the Form of FirstForward PRO

Envisage Technologies, creators of FirstForward®—the training network built exclusively for first responders—announced today that they have begun offering a premium service to the existing FirstForward framework.

Networking makes first responders less biased, more effective

First responders, the media, and the public all share a common public safety mission. Nonetheless, there are constant tensions between these groups that prevent them from working together effectively. Thankfully, social psychology can not only identify why this happens, but what you and your agency can do to rectify it.

Text-to-911 technology offers a new way to reach help

Unfortunately, there are emergency situations in which making a voice call to 911 could be a risk to safety. As such, some now have the ability to send a text message to emergency services. At this point, this technology is not available in all areas due to the need for upgrades in the public safety answering point (PSAP). Upgrades may be costly, but there are options for leveraging existing equipment to provide accessibility for these potentially life-saving texts.

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