Start Creating Your Legacy: New models for training center sustainability

Building a new training center or taking a leadership role in an existing training center can be exciting, but also comes with significant challenges. Key among these are decreasing budgets and increasing operating costs. In this webinar you will find out creative ways to lower costs and increase funding to keep your center running smoothly for a long time to secure your legacy.

Months to Minutes: How Utah POST Streamlined Its Compliance Process

It's your job to ensure that the first responders under your watch are prepared for theirs. In this recorded 60-minute webinar, Scott Stephenson, Director of Utah POST, describes how he transformed the compliance process using new technology and systems specifically designed for compliance organizations. This webinar is free to all public safety professionals tasked with tracking training standards and compliance.

GIS and public records improve emergency response

Pre-incident planning is an essential component of modern fire response. However, developing a robust database of these plans can take years of sustained commitment at all levels of a department. By leveraging publicly-available technology and information, however, departments can accelerate and automate much of this work.