Incident commander: increase effectiveness and efficiency through combined response

For some first responders, readiness means that everyone has completed all applicable training and certifications. For others, readiness is a team that is fully equipped with the tools and resources needed to fulfill their duties. From initial response to large scale incident management, the estimable readiness of personnel and equipment is always at the forefront of the commander’s mind.

Envisage Launches Acadis® Mobile for High Stakes Testing

Envisage Technologies, creators of the Acadis® Readiness Suite—a software solution built to manage the complex training operations for first responder communities—announced today that they have begun offering a mobile application for Apple mobile devices. Acadis Mobile is available for download from the App Store.

Scalia’s successor may trigger changes for public safety professionals

With the Supreme Court currently deadlocked at 4-4 along partisan lines, Scalia’s successor has the potential to become the deciding vote on divisive issues. Because Scalia served as part of a 5-4 majority on several issues impacting public safety and criminal justice, the appointment and confirmation of a successor with a different constitutional interpretation could signal litigants that these areas of the law are susceptible to change.

Controlled cynicism can be a challenge and a benefit for police

Law enforcement officers are routinely exposed to situations that can lead to a cynical attitude. While this cynicism can be poisonous to their personal relationships, honing it into tactical skepticism can increase situational awareness and increase officer safety. An ex-officer shares some tactics for maintaining an appropriate and protective level of cynicism.

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