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US Immigration Officer Academy

The U.S. Immigration Officer Academy (USIOA) operates under the directives of the Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Services. The USIOA provides training to officers in twelve areas of discipline to enforce and maintain the integrity of the immigration laws of the United States. The Academy instructs approximately 3,100 students per year at its Glynco, Georgia training facility.


To track the progress of trainees, the USIOA used a locally developed electronic tracking system that utilized a DOS interface on a dBase3 database. Use of this system was limited to one terminal for the entire Academy and historical data was stored utilizing 5.25 inches and 3.5 inch diskettes. The execution of a training session still required a great deal of manual record keeping and document creation. With over 85 training classes per year, the USIOA wanted to migrate from its present system and methods to an online and secure database driven system to streamline the Academy’s business processes. This required a system that could handle the entry of 10,000 to 12,000 new records per training session. The ability to respond to the changing law enforcement environment created after September 11th was imperative to the Federal Training requirements. The establishment of class information and assignment of students to classes were being impacted by technical resource availability and technology constraints. The USIOA needed a system that would conform to the changing environment and allow access to multiple personnel within the Academy.


Envisage had developed a class management system for the U.S. Border Patrol Academy (USBPA). USIOA representatives were in the initial requirements gathering meetings in order to observe the process in design requirements gathering. Envisage and the USIOA worked closely transitioning ACMS in their environment.


Our process is a phased methodology that actively involves the client throughout each step. Work products in each phase are approved before we proceed to the next phase. Together, with the USIOA, Envisage personnel carefully analyzed the business rules; processes and work flow to adapt the system to the USIOA environment. These requirements were based on a combination of existing business practices and anticipated class management system capabilities. Once the requirements were defined (and approved), Envisage suggested a solution that would make the best use of available tools.


Re-engineer the system to allow the USIOA to build class structure dynamically along with creating the ability to maintain different weighting factors by job title within the same class structure.

  • Secure, centralized Oracle relational database
  • Software and database run from network servers
  • Standardized reporting (from site to site)
  • Standardized business processes used to manage the Academy
  • Eliminates “technical experts” to install and configure hardware and software
  • Eliminates the need to load software on each computer


Envisage developed a Web-based training and assessment database utilizing the highly scalable Oracle database engine. The database provides secure data entry, and full search, report and update capabilities. The Intranet portal is built for Microsoft IIS server and utilizes Active Server Pages/VBScript, JavaScript and Crystal Reports. Users need only a freeware Browser-enabled computer to access student information.


The result is higher productivity and reduced costs. The U.S. Immigration Officer Academy Intranet has exceeded the client’s expectations. It is helping the client to:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Automate class management activities
  • Improve productivity and save time
  • Reduce paper flow
  • Search and find requested data in real-time
  • Create user-defined reports
  • Allowed desktop access to individuals needing immediate information
  • Eliminates “technical experts” to install and configure hardware and software