Software Project Consultant

This person is the coordinator of all activities related to project implementation of assigned clients.

The position has the following externally facing responsibilities:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the customer’s business processes and educate them on how our software will impact their business practices.
  • Understand industry best practices to integrate them into customer sites and counsel customers when they are violating best practice in using our software or general project planning.
  • Observe client behavior and perform business requirements analysis as needed.
  • Plan implementation tasks with sequencing that provides a smooth implementation and communicate tasks to the customer.
  • Assist clients on and off site with optimal configuration, setup and loading of initial data into the system.
  • Evaluate client data and provide strategic advice when the application does not meet their needs. Answer the question, “What is the closest they can get when they can’t have exactly what they want?” Any resultant strategies that are implemented should not hinder the client as the application expands.
  • Help clients prioritize their needs when funded features are included in the scope of work. Work in partnership with the Envisage product team to perform prioritization if the customer is not able to do this work themselves.
  • Be aware of the contractual obligations and counsel the customer when they are requesting items outside the scope of their contract. Facilitate communication between the customer and the program manager when the customer would like to increase or reprioritize their contract.
  • Represent the capabilities of the software and the general product road map to the client, using diplomacy if it does not match the customer’s priorities.
  • Act as the primary envisage point of contact for all customer requests relative to the implementation project.  The software project consultant will, in turn, coordinate with internal resources and leadership in order to ensure proper, timely responses and/or actions.
  • Facilitate regular status meetings with the client throughout the project implementation. Demonstrate new features and corrections to the software. Define action items for the project team. Document discussions in meeting minutes using standard templates and in a professional manner.

The position may be different than other companies in the following ways:

  • The job does not include budget responsibilities within Envisage, but it does include helping the client prioritize the use of their funds.
  • The job does not include prioritization of the features within a particular release (this is the responsibility of the product manager), but it does include input into the internal prioritization, helping the customer prioritize their work requests and communicating client urgency to the product manager.
  • The software project consultant does not have any direct reports and all Envisage work requests go through the product manager.

The position has these internally facing responsibilities:

  • Answer questions stemming from requirements analysis.
  • Communicate client feature requests and urgency to the Envisage team. Answer questions from the design or estimating team as needed.
  • Provide feedback from customers about design proposals. Communicate observation of the customers’ usage of the software in an effort to improve usability. Provide feedback to the design team about scope which can be deferred and not impact the customer negatively.
  • Communicate the facts of client needs to the team without the frustration, unhappiness, pressure or criticisms that a customer might express.
  • Based on knowledge of the customer’s business process, anticipate when a client may more heavily utilize an area of the application and recommend enhancements or fixes that may be necessary, in advance of their use.
  • Communicate client progress toward implementation to managerial team through status meeting minutes and week in review notes.
  • Support the training staff in understanding the customers’ data and what areas of training the customer needs.
  • Alert the program manager when there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding contractual obligations or expectations.
  • Appropriately escalate customer frustration to the Envisage management team.

We would know this person was doing a great job if:

  • clients are satisfied with our products
  • clients are willing to provide strong references and referrals
  • everyone in our organization who wants to know what is going on with this client has a clear understanding
  • the development team understands the urgency of requests but is shielded appropriately so creativity is possible
  • the design team values this person’s feedback

This position has approximately 25% travel.

Must be a U.S. Citizen with the ability to obtain Federal Security Clearance.

All positions are located in Bloomington, Indiana. Due to the high communication style involved in Agile software development, routine remote development is not offered at this time.

[COVID-19 NOTICE: Though remote employment is not typically offered for many of our roles, we are committed during this time to ensuring the health and safety of all of our employees.  Accordingly, most positions are temporarily assigned to work remotely.]

Please send a communiqué indicating your qualifications for this position to

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to disability, protected veteran status, age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ancestry, nationality, or national origin.