Program Manager

We are looking for a Program Manager who is a strategic thinker to help our clients understand and leverage our product for maximum benefit and customer retention. This position will be a liaison with the client executive leadership and Envisage team and must build and maintain a strong relationship with customers. Strong communication skills needed in crisis intervention process undertaken with client leadership is critical for this role. They will be the lead point of contact for all key client matters, anticipate the client’s needs, work within the company to ensure deadlines for the client are met, and help the client succeed.  Close communication with Care Account Agents to prevent any challenges with overall client satisfaction with our product. Collaboration with Strategic Account Managers to ensure our team is aware of emerging customer needs.  Knowledge of enterprise software, relationships within government, and experience with law enforcement and first responders is valuable.


  • Develop a professional trust with major key clients and become the liaison between them and Envisage.
  • Develop deep understanding of customer needs and goals.
  • Strategize how our software adds value for our clients and drive process improvement.
  • Using strong knowledge of our software to quickly resolve client questions and concerns.
  • Anticipate key account changes and collaborate with Care Account Agents.
  • Analyze client data and goals to ensure metrics are meeting client needs.
  • Manage escalations and be the point of escalation for critical client issues.
  • Collaborate with team members from other departments to ensure the highest quality of materials are being produced and all client needs are met.
  • Conduct Quarterly and Executive Business Reviews and Success Planning with customers.
  • Maintain reports and notes in the CRM and deliver to the customer in a timely manner.
  • Manage customer health and proactively address concerns.
  • Establish a community of customers advocates.
  • Managing communications between key clients and internal teams.
  • Strategic planning to improve client results.

 We would know this person was doing a great job if…

  • ...the clients feel cared for and they develop a stronger trust in our product and services.
  • ...multiple clients are managed at a time while deadlines are still being met.
  • ...successful dialogue with client leadership that ensures product satisfaction.
  • ...excellent communication skills are evident through your presenting, listening, and face to face interactions.
  • ...interactions are consistent with Envisage values.  
  • ...if a customer felt like we are a strategic partner.
  • ...customers renew and grow with us because we are aligned with their goals and mission and the value is clear.
  • is aware when there is a concern with a customer because information sharing is timely and transparent.


  • 3+ years’ of experience with a focus on executive level customer service working with enterprise software.
  • Able to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time efficiently.
  • In-depth understanding of company clients and their position in the industry.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; must be a listener, a presenter, and a people-person.
  • Proven ability to build and maintain relationships across an organization.

DEPARTMENT: Customer Success
REPORTS TO: Executive VP of Customer Success
DEPARTMENT: Customer Success
LOCATION: Bloomington, IN 

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to disability, protected veteran status, age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ancestry, nationality, or national origin.  We shall comply with all federal and state laws concerning the employment of persons with disabilities and to act in accordance with regulations and guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Americans Disability Act (ADA). The company will reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with a disability so that the individual can perform the essential functions of a job unless doing so causes a direct threat to the individual, consumers, or others in the workplace and the threat cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodation and/or if the accommodation creates an undue hardship to Envisage Technologies.