Blended class debuts

Budget reductions, grant funding running out and sequestration are common topics for our customers. Each group is looking for ways to maintain their readiness with fewer dollars. Many are turning to online training as a way to reduce classroom rental, student travel/lodging and instructor costs.

List view of the curriculum with classroom, online training and tests

Traditional classroom instruction can easily be combined with online training allowing you to deliver instruction at a lower cost. Tests can be tracked and grades can be calculated with the desired weighting for each.

For high liability training, what a student needs to know isn’t all in their head. Some of the skills require practical application and physical practice. Muscle memory is critical in emergency situations. Firing a weapon and hooking up a fire hose are skills that require both brain and body to have had training.

This week’s highlighted feature is intended to make tracking blended training easier. Blended classes allow online training to be combined with classroom training and practice. Testing can be done both online and in observed tests. Overall course grading can be weighted to include any tests, regardless of which kind.

This provides the benefits of cost savings where they can be realized while not sacrificing on readiness. The feature is the culmination of several weeks of behind-the-scenes work and some user interface changes. We hope you will come see them at this week’s User Group Feature Demonstration.

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