Achieve a Work-Life Balance That Works for You

When you ask people who work here about the benefits, they start describing our culture: a community which breeds respect, honesty, transparency, and trust, recognizes the importance of close relationships both inside and outside the office, and strives to provide each employee with a career that he or she finds fulfilling. However, most people who don’t work here yet may be more interested in the tangible benefits. Our comprehensive benefits and compensation program, available to all full-time employees, gives you the opportunity to meet your individual and family needs through the following:


  • Salary is paid twice monthly, on the 15th and the last day of every month.
  • Vacation is accrued at the rate of 1.25 days per month (15 days per year), beginning at hire.
  • Forty hours of sick time are granted on January 1st each year (prorated the first year of employment).
  • ENVISAGE provides 8 paid holidays per year.


  • Employee’s Short Term Disability insurance premiums are paid 100% by ENVISAGE.
  • Employee’s Long Term Disability insurance premiums are paid 100% by ENVISAGE.
  • ENVISAGE maintains a full package of voluntary employee/company contribution insurance, including:
    • Health insurance options include choice of HSA (Health Savings Plan) or PPO (Preferred Provider Option) plans,
    • Dental coverage,
    • Vision coverage,
    • $15,000 Life Insurance coverage, for employee only,
  • ENVISAGE will pay 80% of employee’s insurance (100% if HSA), and will also pay 25% of premium costs for spouses and dependents added to the group plan.
  • ENVISAGE offers two IRS section 125 tax deferred accounts for Health Savings and Dependent Care (commonly known as “Flex Plans”)


  • ENVISAGE will contribute up to 3% of semi-monthly salary into a Simple IRA Plan matching employee contributions.
  • All Simple IRA funds are 100% vested and will be solely invested according to the preferences of the employee.


  • Flex hours (core hours are 9am-4pm).
  • Casual dress code.
  • Free parking in downtown parking garage.
  • Within walking distance of several dozen restaurants for lunch.
  • Free healthy snacks and awesome coffee.
  • A goal for good work-life balance.