Avoiding multitasking and providing better customer care — all in the same feature

As we finish up regression testing v4.5.6 and get the release ready to go out the door, we work on features that won’t tax our testing team.  This week’s highlighted feature is like last week’s: not visible to the user, but making a positive difference.

Task switching or multitasking is in conflict with high performance and precision.  The example frequently used to illustrate this is talking on a cell phone while driving.  Our customers, more than most, know the negative consequences associated with this switching, as they respond to 911 calls.  Those are cases of extremely harmful costs, and luckily, the switching costs we are talking about aren’t nearly so dire.

A screen capture of a monitor that lists some of the mirror customer environments that Envisage uses to test

Envisage configures our testing sites to mirror customer configurations. In help desk calls, a new configuration is sometimes needed. Our new internal tool makes this happen with a click of a button.

Our team prides itself on our awesome customer care.  When you call or write our help desk, you will find a friendly person that has a genuine interest in helping you solve your problems.  The first step in trying to solve a software problem is trying to reproduce it.  If the customer care representative can’t reproduce it after walking through step by step, we start looking at configuration and data differences.  The end result is often that the customer care rep pulls back the entire data set, obfuscates it (makes sure all personally identifiable information is eliminated) and works with the development team to figure out the problem.  Because different customers own different licenses and can run different versions of the software, it is a complicated set of tasks to build exactly what the user has.  There are specialized employees within Envisage, called Configuration Managers, that help with recreating what is needed.

The feature of the week is the ability for the customer care representative to be able to set up these mirror customer environments without the help of anyone else, but by clicking a button.  This avoids the customer care representative and the configuration managers needing to task switch.  By automating it, the time to recreate the same environment has been shortened, too.  Together, these improvements allow a care rep to help you solve your problem faster.

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