Automating end of class processing

Depending on how you use Acadis may influence which of this week’s demoed features is most exciting to you.

Academies that graduate a lot of students are likely to favor the new end of class processing.  It will change eligible students’ status from ‘enrolled’ to ‘graduated’ and issue the certifications associated with the class automatically when the class end date in reached.

This feature is intended for organizations that track all the student requirements as written or observed tests.  If there are student requirements that are tracked outside of tests, you’ll want to leave the auto-processing off for that class.  As luck would have it, this feature is configurable per class and your preferences can be stored in the template.

Other features that are likely to be of interest include:

  • Primary phone number and emergency contact information were added to the student enrollment exports,
  • In-service imports now have training categories, as do the Training History Reports, and
  • Tests for a class show the break out of how many scores have been recorded for the initial test versus the retests.

These features will all be available in the 4.5.6 release (out at the end of the year), but you can join Wednesday’s or Thursday’s User Group Feature Demonstration if you want an early preview or you’d like to provide feedback.

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