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Envisage Technologies Seeks Innovative Development Partner for Downtown Office Expansion

In the past year alone, Bloomington’s largest private-sector tech employer, Envisage Technologies, LLC, has grown 69%. Currently located in the Fountain Square Mall, the growing company will soon face serious office space constraints. One key to Envisage’s successful employee recruitment and retention efforts is their location in downtown Bloomington. Finding a new space in the downtown Bloomington area has been a challenge. As a result, Envisage is issuing a request for information, or RFI, in search of an innovative partner to help them develop a suitable downtown space for business.

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Scalia’s successor may trigger changes for public safety professionals

With the Supreme Court currently deadlocked at 4-4 along partisan lines, Scalia’s successor has the potential to become the deciding vote on divisive issues. Because Scalia served as part of a 5-4 majority on several issues impacting public safety and criminal justice, the appointment and confirmation of a successor with a different constitutional interpretation could signal litigants that these areas of the law are susceptible to change.

Networking makes first responders less biased, more effective

First responders, the media, and the public all share a common public safety mission. Nonetheless, there are constant tensions between these groups that prevent them from working together effectively. Thankfully, social psychology can not only identify why this happens, but what you and your agency can do to rectify it.

Ignoring new reporting standards will endanger lives and funding

Amidst public and legislative scrutiny over incomplete data, the federal government has started its transition from voluntary to mandatory reporting programs. Though compliance will require adjustments to policy and practice, accurate reporting will help departments save money and lives.

Start Creating Your Legacy: New models for training center sustainability

Building a new training center or taking a leadership role in an existing training center can be exciting, but also comes with significant challenges. Key among these are decreasing budgets and increasing operating costs. In this webinar you will find out creative ways to lower costs and increase funding to keep your center running smoothly for a long time to secure your legacy.