Feedback loops are critical in improvement. Giving students grades allows them to understand how they did on the overall test, but that may not provide enough information to help the student improve. Acadis has many features in written/online exams to help instructors and students know what questions and learning objectives need more work.

list of students with various scores on a practical test (observed skills)

Details are now available on the Gradelist report allowing instructors to provide more specific feedback to students.

performance report with details of how a student performed on a practical test

Providing the student feedback on how they are doing continues to get easier with Acadis Performance Reports.

This week’s highlighted features do the same for observed tests like firearms, tactics and physical fitness. We have added raw scores and attempt data on the gradelist report and on performance reports to allow students and instructors to see how the students did on each part of the observed tests. This provides instructors valuable information they can use to provide timely feedback, help the students improve performance and measure their own.

To help provide feedback to our team about this and other features, please attend our User Group Feature Demonstration.