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Online Training for Local Government

Build a lasting impact. Provide leadership, guidance, and training for your community leaders so they can make the right decisions for the people they serve.

Build strength together

With Acadis you can forego all the expense of traditional classrooms and reach across the internet to bring your community together. Build your team with the training they need, shorten the physical distance, and growing their unity and ties.

We’ve spent more than two decades serving nearly 11,000 agencies and two million-plus public safety professionals.

Some of the CUSTOMERS we serve


Define & document your vision.


Track everything in one system.


Identify the needs real-time for timely response.


Interact, listen, and manage relationships like never before.

Solutions built to serve your vision

Acadis solutions are built from a series of modules according to your needs. You can add, omit, or acquire modules on their own. Four distinct module groups meet the needs of most public safety agencies. Call and we'll work with you to develop exactly what suits your mission.

Avoid Million-Dollar Hiring Mistakes

Discover hiring strategies and actions for heading off officer misconduct, destructive scandals, and damaging lawsuits from the start.

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“We contracted Envisage to create the ability to report in-service training online. This development reduced a project from 2,200 man hours to less than one hour. Previously, we had to manually import more than 12,000 records of training each year. With Acadis In-Service, the agencies complete the form online and we simply click a button to accept it. In a recent survey we had a 95 percent approval rating on the ease of use of the system. No other vendor is as agile and easily able to identify an issue and create a solution so quickly.”
John Jacobs, Training Manager
Utah POST Academy