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You're managing a system, not just a set of tools. Based on our work with a number of police officer standards and training commissions in the United States, here's a set of modules we recommend for your organization to help you efficiently manage training and compliance for your state.


Never lose a folder again. From hire to retire (and any milestone in between), this streamlined module tracks individual progress, provides support for curriculum development, generates transcripts, and  assigns training to team members with specific career goals.


Don’t lose track: Use flexible, real-time monitoring to ensure that personnel, field officers, and equipment stay compliant with local, state, and federal standards.

Document Management

Less paper, more power: Document Management provides a secure digital home for personnel forms, lesson plans, presentations, and media files used during training and certification. Maintain legally defensible records without the risk of alteration, deterioration, or destruction.

Portal Framework with In-Service Reporting

Keep your in-service data in one place. This module allows agencies and field offices under an organizational umbrella to report in-service training to a single organization database.

Workforce Portal

A single, comprehensive view of individual and team readiness awaits you. Whether your team is centrally located or widely distributed; whether they complete training through one or many providers—just set access permissions for training data entry and viewing, then watch the paperwork logjam disappear..


Extend your reach. The below portal modules supply a secure, web-based platform for personnel and departments to provide and retrieve Acadis data from anywhere. 

Internal Affairs Case Management

Complaints, use-of-force claims, and employee misconduct: If there’s something to formally investigate, Internal Affairs Case Management helps you do that in real time, with clear status indicators and related information all in a single location.

Avoid Million-Dollar Hiring Mistakes

Discover hiring strategies and actions for heading off officer misconduct, destructive scandals, and damaging lawsuits from the start.

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