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You're managing a system, not just a set of tools. Based on our work with law enforcement academies, here's a set of modules we recommend for your organization to achieve training excellence with a comprehensive, integrated solution.


Never lose a folder again. From hire to retire (and any milestone in between), this streamlined module tracks individual progress, provides support for curriculum development, generates transcripts, and  assigns training to team members with specific career goals.


Take back your time: Automate grading, reporting, and analysis—and continually refine the assessment process—so you can focus on leadership and growth.


Lose the filing cabinet. Publish scheduled classes for registration, automate registration workflows, and maximize class and testing event fill rates—and watch each student’s professional history and training data transfer automatically to the course roster, reducing effort and preventing errors.


Rooms and resources don’t schedule themselves. But when you create custom rules for your needs, Scheduling can automatically assign instructors, rooms, and equipment—avoiding conflicts and saving time.


Students need a place to stay? Track travel plans and specific needs (like accessibility), then assign students to buildings easily and efficiently.


Continually improve your training, courses, and other initiatives with this fully integrated survey builder module. Create, customize, and electronically distribute surveys—and store the results for thorough evaluation.

Testing Portal

Ready, set . . . test! Provide students with online access to exams that can be timed and/or automatically saved as the student progresses. The included Proctor Monitor allows exam administrators to track logins, time spent in the exam, and completion information; and auto-calculated results can be made immediately available to both students and test administrators.

Registration Portal

Streamline the registration process by enabling self-registration for courses and tests. Stop checking prerequisites and waitlists when you automate the registration process—and send automatic email notifications and updates in the event of any changes.

Avoid Million-Dollar Hiring Mistakes

Discover hiring strategies and actions for heading off officer misconduct, destructive scandals, and damaging lawsuits from the start.

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We’re driven to help public safety leaders fulfill their missions—and do more than they ever dreamed possible. For agencies of fewer than 500 people, we do offer self-provisioned options so you can get the task accomplished and keep moving if that’s all you’re after. But all our systems function best when they function together, so if you want “best,” or leading an agency of more than 500 people, a call is definitely worth your time.