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You're managing a system, not just a set of tools. Based on our work with federal agencies, here's a set of modules we recommend for your organization.


Tracks individual training records from initial hiring through separation or retirement, provides for the development of course curriculum, tracks training progress and test scores (including firearms, shooting range, and driving course assessments), and collects the results into a detailed transcript. This also includes career role functionality, which assigns training to an individual in pursuit of a career trajectory. This functionality streamlines the career paths for individuals across all first response and public safety disciplines.


Don't let your certifications expire. Acadis Compliance provides a proven and flexible tool to process new certifications and periodic renewals. Get real-time compliance monitoring to ensure that personnel, field offices, and equipment are in compliance with federal and state standards.

Document Management

Personnel forms, lesson plans, presentations, and audio/video files are used for many aspects of training and certification support. The Acadis Documents module maintains important documents in a legally defensible strategy to minimize litigation risk while ensuring that important documentation is accessible when needed. Acadis reduces the need for storage of paper documents, and maintains a digital record that is not susceptible to alteration, deterioration, or destruction. It allows users to attach documents directly to person/instructor records, classes, training activities, organizations, and certification applications.

Portal Framework with In-service Reporting

Get anywhere, anytime access to essential training, registration and scheduling information. The Acadis Portal provides a web-based platform for your training organization to publish information to—and collect data from—agencies and field offices. It allows for reporting of in-service training by all locations under the umbrella of the client organization.

Workforce Portal

Track your compliance, even if your team is geographically distributed and manages training and compliance through a whole host of stakeholders. Since data entry is available to authorized reviewers, you can eliminate paperwork bottlenecks that would otherwise obstruct effective training management, all while creating a more complete view of individual and team readiness. The Acadis Workforce Portal works on a tiered structure, allowing higher-level supervisory access to personnel training records across multiple teams.

Person Portal

The Acadis Person Portal allows individuals to log in and review stored information within Acadis, including their contact information, training history, qualifications, and certifications with expiration dates. In addition, the portal shows certifications that have expired and provides access to a complete training and certification record for individual students.

Case Management

Helps agencies add, track, and manage cases that may require formal investigation—including complaints, use-of-force claims, and employee misconduct. Cases can be updated in real time, with clearly visible status indicators that track ongoing progress at a glance. In a matter of minutes, all records and information connected with a case can be reviewed and reported thoroughly and efficiently.

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