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You're managing a system, not just a set of tools. Based on our work with a variety of training organizations at the federal level, here's a set of modules we recommend for your organization.


Tracks individual training records from initial hiring through separation or retirement, provides for the development of course curriculum, tracks training progress and test scores (including firearms, shooting range, and driving course assessments), and collects the results into a detailed transcript. This also includes career role functionality, which assigns training to an individual in pursuit of a career trajectory. This functionality streamlines the career paths for individuals across all first response and public safety disciplines.


Helps administer classroom and online tests and automates grading, reporting, and analysis of results to continually improve the assessment process. Acadis Mobile enables instructors to easily record observed tests and practical exercises, such as firearms or emergency vehicle operations assessments, on a compatible mobile device in the field.


Publish scheduled classes for registration, automate registration workflows, and maximize class and testing event fill rates. The module manages prerequisites, individual registrations, enrollments, and the wait listing of students. Academy staff can define prerequisites so that only qualified candidates can enroll in classes or sit for an exam. Upon enrollment, a student’s professional history and training data transfer automatically to the course roster, reducing effort and preventing errors.


Reduce the time and energy spent organizing instructors and training resources. Acadis Scheduling streamlines complex scheduling tasks using automated business rules that detect and resolve conflicts. Administrators can easily find instructors with the qualifications and availability to fill open slots. The Instructor Scheduling Portal allows instructors to see at a glance what classes are planned and what opportunities are available.


Helps you assign students to buildings easily and efficiently, and even tracks student travel plans. It manages housing options based on key variables, including complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Feedback is essential to continual improvement. Acadis Surveys is a fully integrated survey builder module that provides the tools to create, customize and automatically distribute electronic surveys, collect student reaction to training and instruction, and store data in Acadis for evaluation. It works with Acadis Testing and Acadis Performance Evaluations to support Kirkpatrick® Levels 1, 2 and 3 evaluations, assessing reactions, learning, and behavior of students and employees.

Online Testing

Acadis Online Testing allows students to log in to an online test with their student (or other unique) ID and Exam ID to take approved tests. Tests can be timed and include automatic save-as-you-go features as questions are answered. Results are auto-calculated and provided, optionally, to the student. Acadis Testing also includes a Proctor Monitor, in which the exam proctor can track exam logins, time spent in the exam, and exam completion. Post-exam feedback reports are easily accessible by the proctor and can be printed and given to students upon the completion of the test with test scores tracked by the exam and on the Person Record.

Online Registration

The Acadis Online Registration Portal streamlines the registration process by publishing scheduled courses and testing events for self-registration or allowing administrators to register their staff with course descriptions, prerequisites, locations, dates, and reporting instructions published directly to the class registration record. After a student is registered, optional automated email notifications of any updates to the status of their registration may be set.

How to Buy Acadis Solutions

We’re driven to help public safety leaders fulfill their missions—and do more than they ever dreamed possible. For agencies of fewer than 500 people, we do offer self-provisioned options so you can get the task accomplished and keep moving if that’s all you’re after. But all our systems function best when they function together, so if you want “best,” or leading an agency of more than 500 people, a call is definitely worth your time.