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A comprehensive and integrated solution that offers everything from recruiting and compliance to effective training and assessments.

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You're managing a system, not just a set of tools. For organizations that have 500+ members, the Acadis Readiness Suite offers a number of modules to customize a solution that works for you. Based on our work with local correction facilities, here's a set of modules we recommend for your organization.


Never lose a folder again. From hire to retire (and any milestone in between), this streamlined module tracks individual progress, provides support for curriculum development, generates transcripts, and  assigns training to team members with specific career goals.


Don’t lose track: Use flexible, real-time monitoring to ensure that personnel, field officers, and equipment stay compliant with local, state, and federal standards.


Know at a glance what you have, where you keep it, and when it was last inspected or used. Acadis Inventory allows organizations to track, manage, and certify critical resources such as vehicles, firearms, communication gear, service animals, accountable property, and bulk materials.

Performance Management

Design and capture officer reviews for personnel during basic, advanced, and on-the-job training programs.


Find your fit—faster. A single set of integrated tools provide recruiting teams with nimble, comprehensive methods for evaluating potential hires. Build custom screenings to use at job fairs and other multiple-candidate events.

Portal Framework with In-Service Reporting

Keep your in-service data in one place. This module allowsagencies and field offices under an organizational umbrella to reportin-service training to a single organization database.

Person Portal

A “one-stop shop” for critical data, the Acadis Person Portal stores individuals’ contact information, training history, qualifications, and certifications. When does their CPR certification expire? When did they last receive de-escalation training? Find the answer in the Person Portal.

FirstForward Pro

If your department is less than 500 people, FirstForward Pro is a great tool for your organization that doesn't have to stress you or your training management budget. You can find a wide range of training on the marketplace, track diplomas, assign different roles to personnel in your organization, and performance evaluations are simple and efficient with easy-to-use sliders.

How to Buy Acadis Solutions

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