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Your job is hard enough, so the buying process should be easy and transparent. Pricing is based on the number of active records and modules you need to fulfill your mission. As a trusted software solution of several agencies within the Federal DHS, twenty states, and some of the nation’s largest municipalities, Envisage and its industry partners have a variety of contracting vehicles which can be utilized by new clients to streamline the procurement process. Our team will provide you with expert guidance as we work together to develop the best Acadis solution for you.


GSA Legacy Schedule 70: GS-35F-0058N


  • All: GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract (see above)
  • Arizona: Envisage GSA price schedule accepted
  • California: SLP, CMAS, Small Business
  • New Jersey: ITS42/M0003
  • New Mexico: State Price Agreement
  • New York: Cooperative Purchasing Agreement #CM02000
  • Ohio: Cooperative Master Maintenance Agreement #7580

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