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Streamline training and compliance like never before with the Acadis Readiness Suite. Here's a quick view of all available modules.

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Envisage has been working with the very best public safety agencies for over two decades to establish best practices and overcome unique challenges as the world changes. Acadis solutions are tailored specifically for the unique needs of public safety, with development that is informed directly by our customers. You can trust that as your needs change, Acadis can evolve with you.

Integrated solutions for all public safety organizations

As a public safety organization, you aim to protect, serve, and keep your community safe. How that looks and the tools you need to accomplish those goals will differ for every organization. The Acadis Readiness Suite was built to address your needs and give you the flexibility to customize a solution made for your organization. Here's a quick summary of all the modules available. If you need helping building a solution, call us and we'll work with you to build a package that addresses your needs today and in the future.

Document Management

Personnel forms, lesson plans, presentations, and audio/video files are used for many aspects of training and certification support. The Acadis Documents module maintains important documents in a legally defensible strategy to minimize litigation risk while ensuring that important documentation is accessible when needed. Acadis reduces the need for storage of paper documents, and maintains a digital record that is not susceptible to alteration, deterioration, or destruction. It allows users to attach documents directly to person/instructor records, classes, training activities, organizations, and certification applications.


This new tool is designed to provide recruiting teams with an easy, integrated set of tools for evaluating potential employees. The module offers a screening feature, allowing users to create custom screenings that can be reused for job fairs and other multiple candidate assessment events.


Tracks individual training records from initial hiring through separation or retirement, provides for the development of course curriculum, tracks training progress and test scores (including firearms, shooting range, and driving course assessments), and collects the results into a detailed transcript. This also includes career role functionality, which assigns training to an individual in pursuit of a career trajectory. This functionality streamlines the career paths for individuals across all first response and public safety disciplines.


Reduce the time and energy spent organizing instructors and training resources. Acadis Scheduling streamlines complex scheduling tasks using automated business rules that detect and resolve conflicts. Administrators can easily find instructors with the qualifications and availability to fill open slots. The Instructor Scheduling Portal allows instructors to see at a glance what classes are planned and what opportunities are available.


The Acadis Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to deliver online, interactive courseware in a widely distributed manner via the Acadis Portal. It delivers SCORM-compliant (versions 1.2 through 2004r4) online training courses, allows the assignment or self-registration to online courses, and tracks the successful completion of the training event.


Helps administer classroom and online tests and automates grading, reporting, and analysis of results to continually improve the assessment process. Acadis Mobile enables instructors to easily record observed tests and practical exercises, such as firearms or emergency vehicle operations assessments, on a compatible mobile device in the field.


It only fits that your increasingly mobile, interconnected workforce would need anywhere, anytime access to essential training, registration and scheduling information. And through the Acadis Portal, that’s exactly what you get. The Acadis Portal provides a Web-based platform for your training organization to publish information to—and collect data from—agencies and field offices. Its key components help you maintain convenient access to accurate, comprehensive and legally defensible training records.

Portal Framework with In-service Reporting

Get anywhere, anytime access to essential training, registration and scheduling information. The Acadis Portal provides a web-based platform for your training organization to publish information to—and collect data from—agencies and field offices. It allows for reporting of in-service training by all locations under the umbrella of the client organization.

Workforce Portal

Track your compliance, even if your team is geographically distributed and manages training and compliance through a whole host of stakeholders. Since data entry is available to authorized reviewers, you can eliminate paperwork bottlenecks that would otherwise obstruct effective training management, all while creating a more complete view of individual and team readiness. The Acadis Workforce Portal works on a tiered structure, allowing higher-level supervisory access to personnel training records across multiple teams.

Person Portal

The Acadis Person Portal allows individuals to log in and review stored information within Acadis, including their contact information, training history, qualifications, and certifications with expiration dates. In addition, the portal shows certifications that have expired and provides access to a complete training and certification record for individual students.

Instructor Scheduling Portal

The Acadis Instructor Scheduling Portal allows instructors to view and manage their instructional calendars, including setting unavailable dates (with applicable reasons), and viewing their scheduled instructional events.

Online Testing Portal

Acadis Online Testing allows students to log in to an online test with their student (or other unique) ID and Exam ID to take approved tests. Tests can be timed and include automatic save-as-you-go features as questions are answered. Results are auto-calculated and provided, optionally, to the student. Acadis Testing also includes a Proctor Monitor, in which the exam proctor can track exam logins, time spent in the exam, and exam completion. Post-exam feedback reports are easily accessible by the proctor and can be printed and given to students upon the completion of the test with test scores tracked by the exam and on the Person Record.

Online Registration Portal

The Acadis Online Registration Portal streamlines the registration process by publishing scheduled courses and testing events for self-registration or allowing administrators to register their staff with course descriptions, prerequisites, locations, dates, and reporting instructions published directly to the class registration record. After a student is registered, optional automated email notifications of any updates to the status of their registration may be set.

Online Performance Evaluation Portal

Acadis Online Performance Evaluations allows clients to view officer performance information as well as record it into Acadis Performance Evaluations. The Acadis Online Performance Evaluations Portal allows clients to view officer performance information and record it into Acadis Performance Evaluations.


Publish scheduled classes for registration, automate registration workflows, and maximize class and testing event fill rates. The module manages prerequisites, individual registrations, enrollments, and the wait listing of students. Academy staff can define prerequisites so that only qualified candidates can enroll in classes or sit for an exam. Upon enrollment, a student’s professional history and training data transfer automatically to the course roster, reducing effort and preventing errors.


Helps you assign students to buildings easily and efficiently, and even tracks student travel plans. It manages housing options based on key variables, including complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Don't let your certifications expire. Acadis Compliance provides a proven and flexible tool to process new certifications and periodic renewals. Get real-time compliance monitoring to ensure that personnel, field offices, and equipment are in compliance with federal and state standards.

Performance Evaluations

Acadis Performance Evaluations allows clients to design and capture officer reviews (including Field Training Programs and/or Field Observation Reports) for personnel during basic, advanced, and on-the-job training programs.

Case Management

Helps agencies add, track, and manage cases that may require formal investigation—including complaints, use-of-force claims, and employee misconduct. Cases can be updated in real time, with clearly visible status indicators that track ongoing progress at a glance. In a matter of minutes, all records and information connected with a case can be reviewed and reported thoroughly and efficiently.


Takes the guesswork out of planning. Acadis Budgeting & Forecasting tracks progress towards organizational readiness goals, and helps make the most of human and physical resources by targeting specific readiness gaps. You'll get data on the gaps between mission-ready and training plans. You can also create expense categories to track and manage fiscal accounts.


Know at a glance what you have, where you keep it, and when it was last inspected or used. Acadis Inventory allows organizations to track, manage, and certify critical resources such as vehicles, firearms, communication gear, service animals, accountable property, and bulk resources.


Feedback is essential to continual improvement. Acadis Surveys is a fully integrated survey builder module that provides the tools to create, customize and automatically distribute electronic surveys, collect student reaction to training and instruction, and store data in Acadis for evaluation. It works with Acadis Testing and Acadis Performance Evaluations to support Kirkpatrick® Levels 1, 2 and 3 evaluations, assessing reactions, learning, and behavior of students and employees.

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Scalable technology that grows with you

Envisage has been working with the best public safety agencies for over two decades to establish best practices and overcome unique challenges as the world evolves. Acadis solutions are designed for specific public safety categories, and are built from an assortment of modules that tailor to your every need.

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