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The Acadis Readiness Suite offers flexible solutions to fit your institution’s needs. Here’s a quick summary of every available module. Contact us to build a customized framework for today’s needs and tomorrow’s changes.

Document Management

Less paper, more power: Document Management provides a secure digital home for personnel forms, lesson plans, presentations, and media files used during training and certification. Maintain legally defensible records without the risk of alteration, deterioration, or destruction.


Find your fit—faster. A single set of integrated tools provide recruiting teams with nimble, comprehensive methods for evaluating potential hires. Build custom screenings to use at job fairs and other multiple-candidate events.


Never lose a folder again. From hire to retire (and any milestone in between), this streamlined module tracks individual progress, provides support for curriculum development, generates transcripts, and  assigns training to team members with specific career goals.


Rooms and resources don’t schedule themselves. But when you create custom rules for your needs, Scheduling can automatically assign instructors, rooms, and equipment—avoiding conflicts and saving time.


What does learning look like? In the Acadis Learning Management System (LMS), it takes the form of SCORM-compliant (versions 1.2 through 2004r4) online courses, allows for student self-registration, and tracks successful completion of learning events.


Take back your time: Automate grading, reporting, and analysis—and continually refine the assessment process—so you can focus on leadership and growth.


Extend your reach. The below portal modules supply a secure, web-based platform for personnel and departments to provide and retrieve Acadis data from anywhere. 

Portal Framework with In-Service Reporting

Keep your in-service data in one place. This module allows agencies and field offices under an organizational umbrella to report in-service training to a single organization database.

Workforce Portal

A single, comprehensive view of individual and team readiness awaits you. Whether your team is centrally located or widely distributed; whether they complete training through one or many providers—just set access permissions for training data entry and viewing, then watch the paperwork logjam disappear..

Person Portal

A “one-stop shop” for critical data, the Acadis Person Portal stores individuals’ contact information, training history, qualifications, and certifications. When does their CPR certification expire? When did they last receive de-escalation training? Find the answer in the Person Portal.

Instructor Scheduling Portal

Instructors can view and manage their calendars—and even set dates they are unavailable—to simplify the process of scheduling instructional events.

Testing Portal

Ready, set . . . test! Provide students with online access to exams that can be timed and/or automatically saved as the student progresses. The included Proctor Monitor allows exam administrators to track logins, time spent in the exam, and completion information; and auto-calculated results can be made immediately available to both students and test administrators.

Registration Portal

Streamline the registration process by enabling self-registration for courses and tests. Stop checking prerequisites and waitlists when you automate the registration process—and send automatic email notifications and updates in the event of any changes.

Performance Management Portal

With officer conduct under unprecedented scrutiny, you need a streamlined and reliable method for recording information about performance. Fortunately, not only is this streamlined and reliable—it also produces legally defensible records to protect your department in the face of litigation.


Lose the filing cabinet. Publish scheduled classes for registration, automate registration workflows, and maximize class and testing event fill rates—and watch each student’s professional history and training data transfer automatically to the course roster, reducing effort and preventing errors.


Students need a place to stay? Track travel plans and specific needs (like accessibility), then assign students to buildings easily and efficiently.


Don’t lose track: Use flexible, real-time monitoring to ensure that personnel, field officers, and equipment stay compliant with local, state, and federal standards.

Performance Management

Design and capture officer reviews for personnel during basic, advanced, and on-the-job training programs.

Internal Affairs Case Management

Complaints, use-of-force claims, and employee misconduct: If there’s something to formally investigate, Internal Affairs Case Management helps you do that in real time, with clear status indicators and related information all in a single location.


Get rid of guesswork: Track progress toward organizational readiness goals and make the most out of every resource, from human to fiscal to physical. Identify readiness gaps and work toward making your team even more effective.


Know at a glance what you have, where you keep it, and when it was last inspected or used. Acadis Inventory allows organizations to track, manage, and certify critical resources such as vehicles, firearms, communication gear, service animals, accountable property, and bulk materials.


Continually improve your training, courses, and other initiatives with this fully integrated survey builder module. Create, customize, and electronically distribute surveys—and store the results for thorough evaluation.

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7.2 million sheets of paper are produced by an average state with 35,000 public safety professionals. We help streamline operations, create efficiencies, drive transparency and legal defensibility through solutions that provide answers in real time.

“The hard part isn’t the emergency response. The hard part is building a hurricane-proof network of contingency plans when the sky is clear and we sound like alarmists. Mission, documentation, and adherence to processes are the keys to everything.
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