Acadis Usage Statistics

How many people are we tracking?  What does a paper file for that many people cost including filing cabinets and space rental?

How many classes do we put on a year do we put on at the academy?  How many in-service events are reported from the field each year?  How many online classes are we doing?  What is the cost of each?  What is the right blend?

Report depicting activity in Acadis regarding person records, training and tests.

The new Acadis Usage Statistics will help with decision making and if the targeted goals are being achieved.

How many tests are we giving with bubble sheets?  What is the cost in booklets, printing and test management?  How many online tests are we giving?  Does it make sense to purchase computers and eliminate paper testing?

If you have ever tried to answer some of these questions and had difficulty, you are going to be excited about this week’s highlighted feature.  The Acadis Usage Statistics reports information about how many people are in your system, how many training events are going on of which type, and how many tests are going on of which type.  It will provide you what is going on this month and give you historical trends on what has gone on since you purchased the product.  It can help you track whether the blends of training and testing that are desired are being achieved.

At a time when budgets are tight and information is being sought to make decisions that could reduce costs without sacrificing readiness, the Acadis Usage Statistics should help.  Please come to this week’s User Group Feature Demonstration to see this and the other features completed this week.

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