Acadis Testing Module

Online Testing Software

Get a complete view of students’ test scores, range skills, physical fitness levels and adherence to proper procedures.

Testing measures opportunities.

Lack of insight erodes confidence. Allow testing to highlight training improvements, ready teams, and ready individuals. Acadis is a total solution that can provide:

  • Online testing
  • Offline testing
  • Skills/practical testing
  • Firearms qualifications
  • Mobile testing

Why the right testing tool matters.

Acadis testing module is built for public safety testing needs. It has written, online, observed, and field tests along with legally defensible audit trails and FedRAMP security.


Customize tests

Define testing rules and rely on templates to quickly develop new tests, securely add or update test questions, and administer tests online.


Stay on target

Develop learning objectives for effective testing practices that ensure your class curricula is aligned to training goals — and that your training goals are aligned with your organizational directives.


Ensure integrity

Capitalize on randomization features that ensure no two tests administered present the same questions in the same fashion.


Test in any environment

Use Acadis Mobile App to conduct field testing in any environment. Sync your data later when data connectivity is available.


Optimize efficiency

Automatically transfer written, online, observed tests (including physical skill assessments) to personal records.

Take a closer look

All Acadis modules are available as stand-alone products or as part of industry-leading bundles. We can help you find your best options.

“Envisage should be awarded for their outstanding service. The quality of work is beyond excellent and is proven by the end product.”
Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Built for all Public Safety Organizations

7.2 million sheets of paper are produced by an average state with 35,000 public safety professionals. We help streamline operations, create efficiencies, drive transparency and legal defensibility through solutions that provide answers in real time.

Are you ready?

Technology that grows with you

For over two decades, Envisage has worked with public safety agencies to establish best practices and overcome unique challenges as the world evolves. Acadis is designed specifically for public safety, and is built from an assortment of modules that tailor to your every need.

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