Acadis Recruiting Module

Hire Right

Identify the right candidate with this intuitive, integrated evaluation tool with automated response collection and tallied result delivery.

Simplify Recruiting Fairs

Save prepping time. Create custom screenings that can be reused for job fairs and other multiple candidate assessment events.

Why the right recruiting tool matters.

Acadis recruiting gives administrators a more robust and intuitive tool for standardizing, scoring, recording candidate screening outcomes, and delivering results within a legally defensible framework.


Develop role based criteria

Create reusable, screening templates for hiring roles which contain unique, pertinent characteristics tied to the specific role.


Manage evaluator responses

Assign individualized codes to evaluators per candidate so responses can easily be tracked and collected.


Tag response evaluations

Open and track individualized rating screens for each evaluator. Evaluators enter answers about the candidate and receive an alert if a question is missed.


Automated results

Recruiting administrators simply review the digitized responses for analysis and decisions.


Consistent scoring

Ensure that all candidates are consistently and accurately evaluated by using role based templates.

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All Acadis modules are available as stand-alone products or as part of industry-leading bundles. We can help your best options.

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For over two decades, Envisage has worked with public safety agencies to establish best practices and overcome unique challenges as the world evolves. Acadis is designed specifically for public safety, and is built from an assortment of modules that tailor to your every need.

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