Acadis Internal Affairs Case Management Module

Internal Affairs Case Management

Easily track use-of-force complaints, disciplinary claims, and employee misconduct. Save time and money with automatic reporting.

Accountability & Security

Thorough investigations are crucial for the integrity of the organization. And to retain public trust. Hold accountable while ensuring all investigative information and materials remain secure.

Why the right internal affairs case management tool matters.

View, edit, and update the status of a case. In real time. Have clearly visible tracking to monitor ongoing progress. In a matter of minutes, all connected records and information can be reviewed thoroughly and efficiently. Time matters.


Manage well

Use a single streamlined method of management on a high-security system.



A clear method to follow cases of noncompliance or poor performance, as well as more serious personnel issues.


Be candid

Legally defensible and transparent processes is the best strategy to inform those who need to know, when they need to know it.


Analyze impact

Reduce confusion about case progress and details with unified naming conventions and case status indicators.


Retain insight

A single location for all case-related data means a more convenient—and more reliable—method for investigating the details of a case.

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