Acadis helps you remember dates you cannot afford to forget

list of automated emails

Acadis allows you to send automated emails for many events. The latest reminds users about expiring certifications.

In surveys of the most stressful jobs, firemen, military, police and emergency medical are consistently in the top ten.  Dangerous or  nightmarish scenes, long hours, being responsible for other people’s lives, dealing with people who are injured, frightened or grieving are regular working conditions — and all of this in a digital age — where instantaneous decisions make the evening news.

Our goal is to minimize the parts of the job that don’t need to be stressful, like maintaining compliance.  An invalid or expired certification can lead to suspension or job loss.  Acadis provides chiefs, training coordinators and standard’s boards the ability to see a dashboard of the certifications that are expected to expire.  Individuals with portal accounts can see their certifications and expiration dates, but with hectic schedules and urgent job tasks, a renewal date might be missed.

This week’s highlighted feature is the ability to create email alerts to remind certification holders there are 30 days until the expiration of their certification or qualification.  Like our other emails, you can specify the sender, who is copied and customize the email text.  If you’d like to see the feature in action, please attend our User Group Feature Demonstration.

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