Creating an Environment to Thrive

The Envisage Culture

At Envisage, our culture is more than just a natural byproduct of what we share (like our common purpose, beliefs, processes and language). It’s also a byproduct of our priorities, particularly in how we relate to each other and our clients. So our culture is largely shaped by the following attributes:

  • Trust: We believe in each other. We hire the very best — and then give them the opportunities and resources to do their very best. The end result is that every chair around the table is occupied by a professional who’s earned the confidence of his or her peers.
  • Collaboration: A commitment to Agile development demands it; you can’t bring better products to market faster without a willingness to continually exchange ideas, analyses and inspirations. Close, constant cooperation among team members — and among Envisage and our clients — is what allows us to rapidly develop and deploy solutions unlike anything else in the industry (and deliver new iterations in weeks, not months). That simply wouldn’t be possible if everyone didn’t have a share of voice and share of ownership in the process.
  • Flexibility: In our line of work, “change” is not only expected, it is welcomed. So we’re extremely adaptable. By dedicating ourselves to operating as a dynamic team — one ready and capable of changing direction at a moment’s notice — we empower the entire team  to deliver on the promises we make to our clients.
  • Focus: We don’t aspire to be “all things to all people.” Instead, we direct our energy to where we believe we can do the most good (and, in the process, deliver the greatest value to our clients). Today, that energy is concentrated on developing software solutions that make certain our police, emergency services and military communities are ready to respond.