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The Value of Agile Development

At Envisage, we’re committed to enhancing our solutions through Agile development. It’s an approach whose name implies precisely the benefit it delivers: An opportunity to quickly define and validate our users’ requirements, engage our entire solution team to develop the highest priority features first, and achieve the targeted project milestone dates with the requisite – but no superfluous – functionality. Put another way, it means that we can deliver products that are better attuned to our clients’ continually evolving needs — and we can deliver them faster.

A critical foundation of Agile development is the quality control structure that’s naturally built into the process. Unlike traditional waterfall development (which is tied to a strict, linear, stage-by-stage approach), Agile stresses quality of product through continuous feedback loops and iterations. So we identify and document acceptance criteria for each feature, and then build automated tests into the software to ensure that those acceptance criteria are met prior to features being manually tested (as illustrated in Figure 1 below).

The result is a significant drop in imperfections in delivered software — and the ability to rapidly change functionality without jeopardizing existing capabilities. So our clients get uninterrupted access to the features they rely on most, all while being able to take advantage of a continuous stream of product improvements.