Seizing Opportunities by Seeing the Future

At Envisage Technologies, we’re passionate about solving some of society’s most pressing problems. We don’t believe that those problems are too hard to solve — or that the inherent resistance to change involved in solving them can’t be overcome. We ask the hard “Why?” and “What if?” questions and don’t rest until we find the answers.

Put simply, we always assume other, better ways exist to do what our clients need to get done. The key, as we see it, is to envisage a possible future before it exists, and then create and nurture the high-value innovations that can bring that vision into reality. That’s our core purpose.

For the past decade, that purpose has been squarely focused on law enforcement and public safety. Because lives are at stake, and the big, complex, yet-to-be-solved problem there is fragmentation — an inability of the right people to access the right information at the right time to effectively respond to crises.

Ten years ago, we imagined what could happen if federal, state and local public safety agencies could suddenly increase their readiness through more effective training management and resource tracking. Today, through the Acadis® Readiness Suite, the first product in our Acadis family of products, our clients are doing just that. And the benefits of solving fragmentation can’t be understated: government agencies will be stronger and more efficient, communities will be safer, and lives will be saved. We know that because that future we saw years ago is already being embraced by hundreds of thousands of law enforcement and public safety professionals across the U.S.

The development of the Acadis Readiness Suite fit the Envisage model perfectly. It gave us an opportunity to couple a profound, real-world understanding of key issues with our Agile development process to deliver a platform that has transformed how training is managed, automated, recorded and institutionalized, a process that was completely ad hoc before we took on the challenge. Developing Acadis fit our size perfectly, too: We’re big enough to have all the right resources (subject matter experts, software developers and technical experts), but small and agile enough to deploy new solutions to our markets fast. We keep our team inspired, our focus tight, and our clients loyal.