Ability to trace which objectives were taught and tested

Which modules you use in Acadis will influence which feature you’ll be most excited about this week.  Pictures have been added to LMS courses and now you can see to whom all the inventory that is owned by an organization is assigned.  But if you have anything to do with accreditation, you are going to be very excited about our highlighted feature for this week.

Basic detective curriculum with no learning objectives added

The outline tree view will help instructional designers see where learning objectives have been added and where they are missing.

An important part of any quality program is being able to show what learning objectives were taught and tested.  Acadis has had the ability to record the learning objectives for more than 5 years.  Last year several reports were added to help instructors understand which learning objectives had been missed by students on written/online exams.  We also added the ability to indicate which learning objectives were tested and missed on observed tests.  In the third week of the current release (4.6.1), we added the ability to see the learning objectives in an outline view that really improved your ability to find where they had be added and missed in the curriculum.

Several learning objectives are depicted that indicate with green checks that they are both on the curriculum and tests.  Warnings are provided when the learning objective is only taught or tested.

The new Matrix will allow the user to compare what was added to the curriculum and what was tested. Warnings are provided if a learning objective is only taught or tested.

This week’s feature is the Objective to Test Matrix.  It allows you to see the learning objectives taught and tested in a single organized view with green checks that let you know where you both teach and test a learning objective.  Conversely, it has a warning icon letting you know where you’ve assigned a learning objective to the curriculum and it isn’t being tested or where you are testing it, but it hasn’t been assigned in the curriculum.

This should save a ton of time for anyone going through the accreditation process.  If you’d like to see how this feature and others can help you get to accreditation faster, please join our User Group Feature Demonstration this week.  We’d love to talk to you and figure out how to help you.

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