A Quiet Demo

It was a quiet demo week with the addition of unique constraints to improve data quality and the addition of permissions that will help new installations get squared away.

We started Week 2 of our cycle, and it is often a quiet week.  QA is still testing and writing release notes in preparation for the release.  As a result, not as many features get tested.  Also, when we begin new big features, they often have “behind the scenes” sort of items that need to be completed first.  Features that were worked on this week included the following:

  • ‘create the database tables and back end infrastructure’ that a new feature will use,
  • ‘refactor that code structure’ so that it is more generic and can be used for this similar feature, and
  • ‘implement a better caching strategy’ so users see the changes that we’ve made to the user interface without having to do any special voodoo on their end.

Next week you’ll likely be able to see the fruits of those labors with new shiny features that have a user interface.

2017-05-30T10:33:55+00:00 August 14th, 2012|Product News|