3 ways Acadis can benefit your training department

For law enforcement, public safety departments and military training organizations, readiness is essential. Sufficient training and proper equipment allows servicemen and women, firefighters and officers to safely handle a wide variety of high-risk situations. For medium- to-large-sized agencies, the focus on preparedness requires looking beyond generic tools towards enterprise solutions that link all stakeholders within a compliance ecosystem.

The Acadis Readiness Suite was designed specifically for law enforcement, public safety and the military to create such an ecosystem. The enterprise software suite has been proven to simplify complex operational tasks so that team leaders reduce the time and money spent trying to manage training, resources and equipment. Acadis enables organizational agility before, during and after an emergency so that officials can be confident that the men and women they are sending out into the field are trained, equipped and ready.

Here are three immediate benefits of switching to the Acadis Readiness Suite:

1) Save Money-Increase Efficiency. Many departments are currently working off piece-meal software solutions, which leads to costly inefficiencies and makes it nearly impossible to measure readiness. The Acadis Readiness Suite consolidates these multiple programs into a single, flexible and more powerful tool accessible in the Cloud.

Complex processes like tracking personnel skills, managing training or keeping tabs on inventory that took weeks of staff time can now be done in hours if not minutes. Acadis acts as a force multiplier allowing a department to manage the entire compliance lifecycle with a fraction of the administrative manpower. And because the Readiness Suite eliminates tedious paperwork, staff can focus on improving the quality of training which makes a big difference in the field.

2) Track personnel from "hire to retire." Departments need to be able to track all dimensions of their personnel's training, skills and readiness posture.  Generic systems are unequal to the task as they only record knowledge-based training and stop short of tracking critical high-liability skills such as firearms, drivers training like EVO/NEVO, physical fitness or practical exercises.  Acadis provides training organizations the power to track all these vital details providing a complete 360-degree view of the overall strengths, weaknesses and compliance of the entire team.

3) Simplify scheduling. Scheduling training requires coordinating hundreds of moving parts.  Individual events, resources, instructors facilities are constantly in flux. A typical 3 week class can take over 100 hours to coordinate and when training organizations have longer and overlapping classes, scheduling can require dedicated personnel.  Acadis revolutionizes scheduling by automating the tracking and conflict resolution for hundreds of linked calendars including class, facility, resource and training personnel schedules.  With Acadis scheduling templates and business rules, a multi-week class can be scheduled in seconds and conflicts are automatically resolved.  The system can reduce training costs and increase capacity by making intelligent choices about resource use.

By using the right software solution you will be confident that your department is not wasting time and money on obsolete manual processes. Great tools create focus, eliminate waste and provide leaders with the insights necessary to ensure that personnel are ready for any challenge they may face in the line of duty.

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