Preparing for the Holiday Release (v4.5.6)

We are working on features for our last release of the year, version 4.5.6.  Internally, we refer to it as our Holiday Release and we try to pack it full of goodies that will surprise and delight our users.  This week’s demonstration has three exciting stocking stuffers (features) in very different areas.  

The first treat is for the organizers that want everything to be neat and orderly.  It is the ability to import documents onto the class and class template records.  The import allows you to upload documents to several classes all at the same time – making it easy to move documents from a file store to Acadis.  When you want to know what curriculum was taught, what slides were used during instruction, which lesson plan was used, or what the class graduation program looked like, it will all be in a single location.

The second treat is for instructional designers responsible for creating new curriculum structure.  We have added some right-click navigation and eliminated some other clicks, to streamline the process.  We are running benchmark tests, but we think we have cut the time it takes to do those functions in half.

The last treat is for instructors and students that are using our online testing functions.   Several customers have asked for a flag to help remind students they want to come back to a question.  We’ve added that along with an alert that helps students know if they’ve left any questions blank.

You can see these features and any other features coming in the v4.5.6 release at this week’s User Group Feature Demonstrations.  If the times aren’t convenient for you, contact Customer Care and arrange for a release demonstration for your group.



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