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Readiness saves lives.

This is the core of your mission. If you don’t have the right people, trained properly, following the right processes, with the right tools and access to the right information to make the right decisions, managed in a way that helps you constantly improve, you cannot succeed. Envisage is the only solution that integrates everything you need for true life-saving mission readiness.

Readiness saves money.

Go paperless. Create more efficient processes. Integrate systems and data. Avoid lawsuits. Hire and retain the right people. Protect and grow your teams. Lead community and policy conversations with impact data. Prove results and win budgets for offense rather than defense when you use the only solution that delivers financial impact for agencies of any size.

Readiness builds trust.

Preserving trust with the community you serve is all about hiring the right people, training them properly, and being able to provide answers about every decision your agency makes in the field. You need access to integrated data, systems that speak to each other, and critical answers in real time to win not only in the courts, but in the courts of public opinion.

Readiness saves careers.

Whether you’re talking about an individual’s training, a department’s risk, a team’s burnout rate, an organization’s leadership abilities, or the guiding voice of public service within a community, you’re talking about careers, life trajectories, and an array of personal and professional risks willingly engaged in service of others. If the work comes with an oath, it’s sacred, and your need a solution that will protect and honor the promises made by professionals.

Readiness creates opportunities.

Do you have the tools to listen to your people and your community? Do you have the data that helps you map professional paths according to individual needs beyond mandated standards? Are you able to show financial, organizational, and technical impact with every tool you adopt? True readiness is about seeing what’s coming and leading with answers.

Are you ready?

What should readiness look like in your context? The answers vary according to where you are on the journey, but every solution should show three types of readiness value: financial, organizational, and technical.

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Wisconsin Department of Justice

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Stories from forward thinkers whose communities are safer with Envisage

"Policy and plans by themselves do not translate into action every single time. Training is a key element of supporting our officers in implementing sweeping reforms on use of force, community policing, and other critical topics. Acadis is a major building block in our effort to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem for the Baltimore Police Department.  With this comprehensive software, we’ll be able to more effectively manage the complexities of our training and related compliance for our community.”
Danny Murphy
Deputy Commissioner of the Compliance Bureau
Baltimore Police Department