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Comprehensive solutions that:

  • Align policies and practices
  • Build healthier teams
  • Make data consistent and transparent

Built from the ground up for public safety

Our focus on people means we know how technology can serve, and where it needs to get out of the way.

  • National Decertification Index improves police hiring.
  • FirstForward provides a community hub for public safety professionals.
  • FTO and personnel tools make teams stronger, not more tech dependent.
  • Acadis provides comprehensive compliance tracking, a training ERP for high-liability academies, seamlessly connects headquarters and field offices, and ultimately tracks public safety personnel from hire to retire.

Rigorous compliance tools enable public safety professionals to do their work and know they're protected.

Our solutions are built to make legal defensibility and the wellness of your people clear and automatic.

Enormously scalable solutions are mission perfect (from small towns to vast federal operations).

Choose the features you want to get the functionality you need.

Clean, integrated data helps you demonstrate your readiness and see areas where you can improve.

Clearer data means clearer missions.

Find out how to improve your readiness.

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“You were highly recommended by your other customers and your solution was leaps and bounds over everything else we saw.”
Wisconsin Department of Justice

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Serving nearly two million public safety professionals and nearly 11,000 agencies in the United States and abroad. Find out more on recommendations for your organization by clicking through to your industry.

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Stories from forward thinkers whose communities are safer with Envisage

"Policy and plans by themselves do not translate into action every single time. Training is a key element of supporting our officers in implementing sweeping reforms on use of force, community policing, and other critical topics. Acadis is a major building block in our effort to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem for the Baltimore Police Department.  With this comprehensive software, we’ll be able to more effectively manage the complexities of our training and related compliance for our community.”
Danny Murphy
Deputy Commissioner of the Compliance Bureau
Baltimore Police Department