Optimize First Responder Training With The Acadis Readiness Suite

One suite. Infinite benefits.

Readiness Saves Lives. To us, that’s more than a tagline. It’s a simple truth. And it’s what inspired us to develop Acadis®
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Streamline training operations

Scheduling, registration, housing, testing — thanks to Acadis, you can manage it all through a single, interconnected enterprise-level system
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Know You’re Compliant

Acadis gives you the power to help ensure each responder has fulfilled all of the mandatory requirements for the job.
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Evaluate across all dimensions

You can manage testing across an entire range of observed skills, practical exercises, and written exams. Or you can combine them into sophisticated multi-part individual or team assessments.
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Keep Legally Defensible Records

As you rely on Acadis to track training, skills, certifications and qualifications, you create a powerful, legally defensible record of your individual and team compliance.
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Deliver Training Anywhere

Blended learning lets you measure performance on all the variables most critical to you, everywhere they’re critical to you, in the classroom, at the shooting range, on the driving track, online and all points between.
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Keep Close Tabs on Resources

From weapons and communications gear to vehicles and K-9s, you can use Acadis to track and manage critical inventory resources right from your keyboard.
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Be Ready to Roll

When a crisis hits, you can use Acadis to know precisely which professionals and resources are ready to answer the call. Because you’ll know where they are and what they are trained and certified to do.
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Plan and Budget with Confidence

Since Acadis helps you maintain comprehensive records of your organization’s training demands and resource readiness, you can plan and budget based on “I know” rather than “I think I know.”
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